The threats facing our planet are changing quickly, as are the proposed ways forward. At the same time, we are racing past planetary boundaries faster than anyone had anticipated. This ever-increasing rate of change is impacting solutions —they now have shorter and shorter lifespans. 

For 40 years, Ashoka has been working with the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, who are recognized as Ashoka Fellows. We can see patterns in these Fellows’ approaches to complex issues, which point to larger shifts that can unlock change in a system. With this in mind, we looked for patterns in the work of hundreds of leading social entrepreneurs working in the field of Planet & Climate.  

This report looks at the work of Ashoka Fellows working in the field of Planet & Climate working around the world, distilling their decades of experience and spotting patterns between their diverse approaches.  The purpose of this research is to share principles that cut across specific solutions that can orient anyone wanting to take action, even as the context around us changes... 

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