Changemakers, together.

How can everyone in a given field – gender, environment, health and more – feel empowered to contribute to the good of all? This is the question we ask ourselves when collaborating on a specific field of work.  

We analyze Ashoka’s network of over 3,700 Ashoka Fellows and their solutions to identify the initiatives that best contribute to the above question, and most importantly the patterns that emerge across these solutions. These patterns give us a glimpse of the future of social innovation, and how we can accelerate it. This is where collaboration is key.  

Building on this methodology and on the natural appetite of our community members to work with one another, Ashoka has prototyped a series of collaborative initiatives in fields like gender, health, biodiversity, migration, funding systems change, and more.


The Ashoka Community team has hosted learning experiences and topic-specific collaborative experiences for the past four years. +360 participants engaged in our learning experiences around Multi-Stakeholder Collaborations. Our topic-specific and ecosystem initiatives engage an average of 2000 stakeholders per year (policy-makers, social entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and other decision-makers). From the topic-specific and ecosystem initiatives we have released more than 30 knowledge products, position papers, policy papers, or recommendations in the past 5 years.

When asked how insightful and impactful the experience we offered was for their work, 82% of participants state that the experience helped them strengthen their work and vision towards an "Everyone a Changemaker" world.

Partner with us to activate more changemakers!

  • Support existing collaboration initiatives in the fields of Health, Biodiversity, Migration or Gender 
  • Enable our community to build new collaboration initiatives that address urgent social challenges
  • Partner to build new collaborations for social entrepreneurs on topics like funding, transition & eldership, government collaborations and more
  • Join forces to influence policy and narratives

Reach out to June Warde for details on how to partner with Ashoka's Community collaborative initiatives!