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Eldership & Transition

The Elders Council for Social Entrepreneurs is building a global network of senior social entrepreneurs so that elder members can support one another and share their wisdom across the social entrepreneurship ecosystem.  

Membership is open to all social entrepreneurs over the age of 55. Any social entrepreneur under 55 can become an associate member.  

The Elder’s Council is working on two main themes which will be based on a range of expertise accumulated through the years:  

  1. To support social entrepreneurs who are over 55 by working on mutual support and solidarity  
  2. To focus the wisdom of the elders for the benefit of the wider community of social entrepreneurs, offering whatever support is needed.  

Visit Elders Council Website

The Elders Council for Social Entrepreneurs is building a supportive global network of social entrepreneurs who are looking to the future after founding innovative and impactful organizations.   

On the website, you will find all details on connecting opportunities, including:  

  • Mentorship 
  • Webinar series, based on case studies and experiences of social entrepreneurs across the world  
  • Soul Sessions: smaller and more intimate spaces for elder social entrepreneurs to connect for mutual support.   

Deep dive and how to join

The initiative champions social entrepreneurs who are over 55 by working on systems of mutual support and solidarity. It also endorses the wider community of social entrepreneurs by using the wisdom of the Elders to offer whatever assistance is needed, including mentoring, advice on Boards, transition, and other critical challenges. 

We encourage all the social entrepreneurs in the world to connect with the Elders Council and explore how it can help them and how their experience can help others. We will all face the challenges of exit planning, our legacy, the sustainability of what we have built and where we, ourselves, go next.  

Contact the Elders Council here.

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