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Hello Europe- Changemakers for Migration

Imagine a world where all people on the move are seen as changemakers.

Where the knowledge and insights created by migrants are valued and utilized widely. Where movement is seen as a shared experience. And where communities of migrants and diaspora are activated as changemaking hubs.

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Every migrant a changemaker. Everywhere, all the time

The age of migration is unfolding. More people are on the move every day: some are escaping wars, others are seeking securities due to climate change, or reaching out for new opportunities. Europe, and here especially Western European countries, is a popular destination for migrants. Democracy and economic prosperity are considered to be attractive attributes for those who are looking for a new place to live or to find a refuge.  

At Ashoka, we see migration as changemaking in action, where migrants are recognized as changemakers, innovative solutions are scaled, and collaborative frameworks emerge to transform the entire system.  

Transforming the field of migration through collaborative frameworks

With +8 years of experience in the migration field across Europe and Latin America, Hello Europe Initiative is building systems of solutions, identifying and collaborating with changemakers for migration, influencing policy and shaping narratives.

Building on our network, expertise, and know-how, we brought together change leaders representing key stakeholders in the sector of Migrant Entrepreneurship and Employment to think about root causes and potential solutions in a systemic way. 

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