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Young Changemaking

Young people play a critical role in the global movement to tip society to an everyone a changemaker world — a world where each person can contribute fully to positive change.

Children and young people who have an idea, build a team, and change the world around them serve as examples of a new definition of success growing up. 

Together with our partners, we are on the forefront of a movement to redefine success in growing up and to inspire every young person to become a changemaker.

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A Changemaking Guide to Intergenerational Collaboration

A roadmap inspired by the wisdom of visionary leaders who are helping transform how we interact across generations.

Thrive Together: A Changemaking Guide to Intergenerational Collaboration

Young people leading movements accross the globe 

Ashoka Young Changemakers (AYC) is a global network of powerful young people who are creating an Everyone A Changemaker world.

Each Ashoka Young Changemaker has launched social initiatives, formed peer-led teams, and created solutions for the good of all while activating others to join in. Now, they are stepping up to shape a global conversation in redefining what it means to be a young person growing up in today’s world.

Deep dive and how to join

Ashoka Young Changemakers are a carefully selected network of young people who have found their power to create change for the good of all around them. They engage their peers and societies in realizing a world where everyone is a changemaker.

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