Empowering a new generation of leaders. Join the Ashoka Visionary Program in Vienna

A part-time, face-to-face executive program for executives, current and future entrepreneurs as well as changemakers from any sector.


With 3,700 social entrepreneurs and the will to challenge norms to accelerate societal and behavioral change, Ashoka has built the largest network of pioneering social innovators that steer positive change for the good of all. 

One thing is clear: the world needs more leaders of change from all sectors who solve societal problems in an entrepreneurial way. These people learn how to lead by having access to tools for systems-changing social entrepreneurship, and they know why they do it by being connected to their purpose and a community of peers.  

The Ashoka Visionary Program encourages every leader to take part in making change happen. Are you ready to join the new edition of this pioneering, part-time executive leadership program in Vienna? Read on to discover why this program is meant for you.  

What’s in it for you?  

The Ashoka Visionary Program is a part-time, face-to-face executive program for executives, current and future entrepreneurs as well as changemakers from any sector - corporate, public, civil society or foundations.  

The program offers a comprehensive 9-month learning journey in seven modules that covers the life cycle of a social enterprise: enabling leaders to gain the skills needed to master both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial challenges and to generate social impact.

Visionary Program












All the tools for systems-changing social entrepreneurship, clarity on purpose and connection to a community of peers. 

Bring your changemaking and responsible leadership skills to the next level. Through hands-on learnings from the whole spectrum of Ashoka’s 40+ years of expertise in facilitating systems changing impact and social entrepreneurship. 

Ashoka Fellows and academic experts as speakers, sharing practical know-how and personal stories. 

  • Learn from expert speakers like Ashoka Fellows. Exchange experiences with like-minded changemakers from diverse sectors and come up with new ideas together.  
  • Reflect on your changemaker journey and strengthen your commitment to impact and system change. Get the motivation and purpose you need to act.  
  • Implement your learnings into practice: in this ninth edition of the Central-Eastern European version of the program, Ashoka Visionary modules are back with learnings and insights from groundbreaking social innovators who joined the previous cohort and contributed to the program such as:  

Social entrepreneurs: Ignace Schops (RLKM National Park), Arnoud Raskin (StreetWize), Andreas Heinecke(Dialog im Dunkeln), Walburga Fröhlich (atempo). 

And experts: Alon Shklarek (Lecturer at the MIT), Kerstin Humberg (Yunel, working closely with Muhammed Yunus & Andreas Heinecke), Radoslav Pittner (System Change Expert), Olga Shirobokova (Ashoka Globalizer), Asetila Köstinger (Impact Modelling Expert), Alexander Kesselring (Scaling Expert, Ashoka).  


How to join the community?  

Starting in Vienna from October 2023 to June 2024, 30 leaders from the public, private sector, civil society and philanthropy will access practice-based modules of 15 days in total, and a comprehensive learning package on social entrepreneurship – with sessions on topics such as system change, the art of storytelling and leadership in the 21st century. 

Applications for the next cohort have now opened in Central and Eastern Europe, and you can check the regional program website here.  

Through a 9-month learning journey that covers the life cycle of a social enterprise, these are the seven modules containing the main thematic of the program: 

➜ 💡 social entrepreneurship & innovation 

➜ 🎯 impact & social business modelling 

➜ 💰 funding & scaling 

➜ 🧡 wellbeing & new leadership 

➜ 🌊 system change 

➜ 🤝 partnerships & co-creation 

➜ 📣 storytelling & marketing 

Visionary Program.






In a time of multiple crises, Ashoka’s Visionary Program empowers decision makers from all sectors to solve societal problems in an entrepreneurial way, over the period of nine months. 



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