Grant Opportunity to #UpdateHamburg in 2024

Hamburg Grant

The City of Hamburg is welcoming proposals for its "PROFI Impuls - #UpdateHamburg 2024" grant, designed to support small social innovation initiatives within the city. This grant aims to bolster the innovative capacity of Hamburg and its economy, aligning with the vision of transforming the city into a more inclusive and desirable place for all residents. 

To be eligible for this grant, organizations from outside Hamburg must partner with a local entity. The city is ready to facilitate connections for Ashoka Fellows seeking suitable partners to collaborate with. 

This presents a unique opportunity for Ashoka Fellows to spearhead social innovation projects in Hamburg, potentially extending the reach of their work into Germany.

With a total budget of €1,000,000 available, this funding opportunity provides a platform to realize innovative ideas and enhance the quality of life in Hamburg. Funding amounts of up to €100,000 are available for individual entities, while cooperation projects can receive grants of up to €200,000. 

The thematic areas of focus for proposed projects include environment and climate, social participation, health, and education. Eligible applicants are: stablished companies (including SMEs, startups, and freelancers), universities, research institutions, and other organizations with a track record of at least two years. 

The deadline for submitting a brief project outline is April 30, with the final proposal due by June 30.