replication and transfer

Replication & Transfer

A journey to learn how to replicate solutions in other regions or countries and to develop and finetune a replication strategy.

Course dates & times: 

January 16th, 2024 | 2:00 - 4:00 pm CET
March 19th, 2024 | 2:00 - 4:00 pm CET

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About the learning journey

An online learning journey about the process of replicating initiatives that activate changemakers in new regions and countries. In this course, Ashoka shares back the distilled insights from working with 150+ social entrepreneurs and supporting them in developing a solid replication & transfer strategy and model. Successful replication strategies and models introduce new practices into social systems and can engage thousands of people in new roles that empower them to become changemakers. Replication & Transfer is one of the many pathways to scale impact, achieve systems change and activate changemakers.  

This course has a blended learning format which allows participants to choose how deep they will go and whether they want to receive individualized expert feedback on their replication & transfer strategy and whether to present their work to a curated group of external guests. The course content is applicable to social entrepreneurs and those supporting them in replicating their solutions. 

Learning objectives:

  • Build your replication & transfer model, including a rationale ("why”), a replicable solution ("what”), a method to replicate your solution ("how”), your partner profile and partnership journey (“who”), an assessment of new regions and countries ("where”), and a strategy for introducing your solution to a new context (and adapting it). 
  • Learn to make strategic decisions about the way you and your team replicate your model and find the replication model that best fits your impact and business model as well as your organizational culture. 
  • Gain fresh perspectives on your current or future replication strategies. 
  • Learn how to support social enterprises in replicating their solutions

Who this is for

We invite social entrepreneurs as well as experts, consultants, funders, or ecosystem players who are interested in Replication & Transfer. This experience is open to: 

  • Ashoka Fellows and members of their team 
  • Ashoka Young Changemakers 
  • Ashoka Support Network members (ASN) 
  • Ashoka staff 
  • Ashoka corporate partners and their employees 
  • Ashoka School Change leaders and educators 
  • Other Ashoka allies and collaborators 

Practical information


  • 2 online webinars of 2h each 
  • Individual feedback sessions 
  • Online resources (updated workbook, videos, reports, case studies) 


January 16th, 2024 | 2:00 - 4:00 pm CET
March 19th, 2024 | 2:00 - 4:00 pm CET

Limited on-demand feedback slots available in February 2024.


The two online webinars are compulsory to attend. The individualized feedback sessions are optional and on-demand.


Module 1 - Introduction to Replication & Transfer

January 16th 2024 | 2:00 - 4:00 pm CET

This webinar features a keynote from an experienced Ashoka Fellow and provides an overview of available online resources (workbook, case studies, replication readiness check and videos).


Module 2 - Optional Feedback Slots

Throughout February 2024, participants can book a time slot to receive individualized feedback on their replication & transfer strategy. The availability of slots is limited. 


Module 3 - Final presentation of replication & transfer strategies

March 19th, 2024 | 2:00 - 4:00 pm CET

Participants hand in their replication and transfer strategy beforehand, receive feedback and are given the opportunity to present live during this session to gain additional insight and support from invited external guests, including foundations, impact investors and scaling experts.


Support our work

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“The replication journey has been a true "Eureka effect" that not only led to a complete rethinking of our development strategy but also allowed us to align our team on our major objectives for the next few years."

Replication & Transfer participant
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