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Wellbeing as a Force for Changemaking

A series of practical and reflective sessions to explore how we integrate wellbeing in our changemaking and systems change work: especially how we lead, work as teams, and work with our communities. 

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About the learning journey

A series of 5 topical and practical conversations on the key elements that foster wellbeing in social change, to learn how to cultivate wellbeing in yourself, your team and the social ecosystem you’re engaged with. A community of peers that connect in a safe space of shared learning and support, guided by expert facilitators. 

A 2020 survey conducted by The Wellbeing Project with 300+ changemakers (many of which were Ashoka Fellows) revealed that while 75% felt that their wellbeing was very important, only 25% reported that they were caring for their wellbeing.

This is the opportunity to prioritize your wellbeing and change the way you relate to yourself and others and the quality of the work you do in the world. 

Ashoka creates opportunities for social entrepreneurs and leading changemakers to connect and grow to bring about positive transformation in their lives and their work. We want to set a new standard in changemaking that includes the integration of a wellbeing approach in leadership development and social impact. 

Learning objectives:

  • Meet other like-minded changemakers seeking to put wellbeing at the heart of their life, community, and work. 
  • Deep dive into the narratives and frameworks around wellbeing and changemaking: Why is wellbeing essential to advance a world where everyone is a changemaker and why is it essential to systems change, leadership, and collaboration? 
  • Explore wellbeing practices, resources, and design principles and learn how to integrate them into your life and work as well as for your teams and organizations.  
  • Develop a common understanding and vision for the role of wellbeing in the social change field
  • Become part of a community of Wellbeing Champions and practice wellbeing together. 

Who this is for

This experience is open to: 

  • Ashoka Fellows and members of their team 
  • Ashoka Young Changemakers 
  • Ashoka Support Network members (ASN) 
  • Ashoka staff 
  • Ashoka corporate partners and their employees 
  • Ashoka School Change leaders and educators 
  • Other Ashoka allies and collaborators 

If you are not yet part of the Ashoka network, you are also welcome to apply. We might ask you to share more context about your work or to join a quick selection interview. 

Coming soon in June 2024! Stay updated by signing up to our Newsletter.

Practical information



5 live sessions online, including time for peer learning and sharing. 


Dates will be announced soon. Stay updated by signing up to our Newsletter


This series intends to create a community of learning and practice. We encourage you to register if you can join most sessions. If you can only join a few sessions, please mention it in your registration form, which will open in June.



Module 1 - Relationships, Peer Coaching & Active Listening

Module 2 - Awareness-based Leadership & Social Change

Module 3 - Mindsets & Storytelling

Module 4 - Wellbeing for All: Team & Organizational Wellbeing

Module 5 - Systems View: How does Wellbeing connect with Systems Change and the Everyone a Changemaker vision?

Explore Other Wellbeing Opportunities


A free weekly offering led by Ashoka Fellow Bart Weetjens and open to any member of the Ashoka network worldwide interested in practicing meditation. All levels are welcome.

Dates & times: 

Every Tuesday 9:00 - 9:30 am ET | 3:00 – 3:30 pm CET. 


20min of practice plus 10min of Q&A

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Coaching and mentoring can help you learn about yourself and the way you lead. It can give you tools and resources to amplify your strengths and gifts and to illuminate blind spots that may be holding you back from being the leader you want to be. 

  • Recommend a coach or mentor for Ashoka or offer your services as a professional coach or mentor through this form.
  • Interested in receiving coaching or mentoring for you or your team? Reach out to Ashoka's Community Wellbeing co-leader, Michela Fenech.

Support our work

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The Wellbeing lab has been a gamechanger for me as an Ashoka Fellow. I've enjoyed learning new tools that I can practice in my work, and connecting to other Fellows to share experiences, tips and laughter.

Wellbeing for Changemakers participant

You created a wonderful container and facilitated the engagement so gracefully. What a great sense of solidarity to be in this conversation with others across the world. Yet, at the same time it felt like an intimate and "close in" space to me.

Wellbeing for Changemakers participant

Module Leaders & Facilitators