Working with Government as a Pathway to Systems Change

An online and self-paced course to craft your strategy and gain powerful tools for scaling impact by working with governments and public administrations. 

About the learning journey

A comprehensive course developed by Ashoka Globalizer presenting the distilled insights of Ashoka Fellows working with the government to achieve long-lasting social change. We have collected, analyzed and structured those insights so a broader audience can learn how to engage with the government in a constructive way.  

The government is an important stakeholder in so many systems around us. It often sets the rules of systems, controls vast resources, delivers public services directly, or controls the quality of such service delivery by third parties. This means that often when social entrepreneurs think about systems change, they need to have a strategy on how to engage with government, rather than circumvent it or build parallel structures. 

This course was developed in partnership with and thanks to the support of PES Latam.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain concrete tools and build your own strategy to scale your impact through governments and policy implementations. 
  • Identify who within a government holds the decision-making power and strategies to get them on board. 
  • Explore proven tactics to increase awareness, willingness and capacity to take action of government counterparts. 
  • Access resources that can support you in working with the government.

Who this is for

This course is open-sourced. Its learnings are applicable to any sector and are designed for social innovators, intermediaries, funders, and change leaders wanting to scale their impact by working with and through governments and public administrations.

Practical information


  • 7 weekly video modules (total of 4 hours including guidance and inspiring examples) 
  • 8 case studies of social entrepreneurs from Brazil to India 
  • 1 workbook with detailed exercises and a rich library of resources 


This self-paced course is open-source and always available upon registration. 


Self-paced learning. We recommend blocking time to complete one module a week (90 minutes). We also advise finding a peer or team member to go through the course content with as well as scheduling a specific time to share and get feedback on your systems change strategy. This peer-to-peer element will greatly advance your learning and understanding.  


Module 1: Why to Work With Government & Why This Course

Module 2: Understanding the Problem & Systems Behind it

Module 3: Targeted Government-Related Change

Module 4: Our Role Towards Government

Module 5: Tactics to Build Awareness, Willingness and Capacity

Module 6: Working With Government Canvas

Module 7: Selection of Helpful Resources

Support our work

This learning journey is offered free of cost thanks to the generosity of our community. To help us develop new content and make sure it is accessible to more changemakers please donate to Ashoka today! Any contribution is deeply appreciated.