New podcast series towards a gender equal world

A new narrative is needed to change the underlying systems of power that sexism, racism, ableism, heterosexism, and so many social categorization schemes are each and all designed to sustain.


The three-episode podcast series explores the topics of sisterhood, care work and gender-based violence. Based on years of working with girls, women in business, mothers and survivors, the social innovators share best practices and invite everyone to take action. 

In ‘Gender Equal World’, Ashoka Fellows and social innovators face the challenge of transforming the ways we think and talk about gender. Marie Eloy, Alexandra Machado, Sylwia Chutnik, Ute Latzel, Agata Teutsch and Gemma Sunyer talk about the power of collaboration, new representation and the solutions we need for gender equity. 

Joining forces to change the gender narrative

In 2021, Ashoka facilitated a group of women innovators from Europe to take collective action on gender equality and begin a process to change the narrative around women. The process led to the creation of a Manifesto for Gender Equality, and to this podcast series. Both are intended as an invitation to reflect and co-create solutions together.  

This process was supported by Beiersdorf and facilitated by Ada Andreoni, Léna Borsoi and Giulia Sergi from Ashoka. The Gender Equal World podcast is hosted by Agata Stafiej-Bartosik, produced by Anna Ślusareńka and edited by Lucjan Lucimiński. 

Sisterhood - Alexandra Machado & Marie Eloy | Gender Equal World. Ashoka Talks

Marie Eloy supports women in France to launch and sustain their own businesses. Alexandra Machado is creating sisterhood circles to end child marriages so girls in Mozambique can continue their education.

In this first podcast episode, they talk about the power of collaboration, the importance of representation, and why we need more stories of everyday womanhood. 

Care work - Sylwia Chutnik & Ute Latzel | Geneder Equal World. Ashoka Talks

In this second episode, we talk about care work with Ashoka Fellows Ute Latzel and Sylwia Chutnik. Ute runs the Federal Association of Mothers' Centers to build solidarity among mothers and prevent isolation. Sylwia Chutnik is a Polish feminist and writer who cofounded the now defunct MaMa Foundation for similar purpose.  

With Ashoka Poland’s co-director Agata Stafiej-Bartosik, Ute and Sylwia discuss care gap, mental load and how we can ensure equality in our own home and workplace. 

Gender-based violence - Gemma Sunyer & Agata Teutsch | Gender Equal World. Ashoka Talks 

The last episode of Gender Equal World podcast series discusses the causes of and ways to prevent gender-based violence.  

Ashoka Fellow Agata Teutsch is working to prevent violence by empowering girls and women. At the Autonomy Foundation, they are able to discover their strengths and possibilities.  

Gemma Sunyer works at the Ana Bella Foundation, created by Ashoka Fellow Ana Bella Estavez. She builds a community of survivors to help other women get out of abusive relationships. In this podcast, they discuss how changing the narrative in a way that women are not victimized can prevent violence, and how a strong support network, mitigates its effects.