Ashoka has partnered with the EVPA Impact Month, a diverse series of events this November 2021, aiming to explore how investing for impact can be a driving force for social recovery and transformation.

How can impact leaders, impact funds, private and public capital providers, corporate social investors and others mobilise resources for a better society and collaborate to achieve transformative outcomes?

How can investing for impact serve as an effective strategy to get long-lasting social change out of post-pandemic recovery efforts, rather than a return to business as usual?

How can the disruptions and innovations of recent events be reframed for a thriving future?

Join EVPA this November, in person and online, to go beyond narrow notions of recovery and explore ways to ignite transformative processes for our economies and communities.

The global health, economic and social upheavals have tested the notions of how we live and work and what matters. As more actors pile in the impact space and a multitude of crises endure, investors for impact are confronted with two challenges – to drive effective strategies for real and lasting social change and protect the integrity of impact.

The Agenda for November

At the EVPA online Annual Conference on 9 November, we’ll explore better ways to mobilise resources together, drive change and measure impact. Can investors for impact contribute to solving the underlying obstacles to social cohesion in Europe – income, regional and geographic inequalities? How should we engage with public and private actors, old and new, on climate change, education, employment, migration, urban planning, health, tech?

Where do the worlds of corporate bosses and investors for impact align and where do they collide? How to mobilise corporate resources for impact and ensure impact integrity? These questions will be at the heart of the C Summit in Porto on 15-16 November.

The mission of transformation beyond recovery is too big for any one actor. With the inaugural CoLab Award, EVPA will celebrate important collaboration initiatives and strategies making a difference and achieving system change.

Investment Crash Courses for Newcomers

Two online crash courses will introduce newcomers to the impact space to investing for impact as one of the most effective strategies for solving key societal challenges that emerged in the past years and climaxed with the COVID-crisis. The Investing for Impact Crash Course on 10 November will enable you to build  your knowledge and skills to maximise their social impact. The Corporate Social Investing Crash Course on 8 November is for those interested in learning more about how corporate foundations, sustainability groups, corporate accelerators and funds contribute to the impact ecosystem and how to go beyond CSR practices to become agents of change.

Register now for an inspiring and empowering mix of talks, workshops, meetings, minglings and celebrations and join the conversation with your ideas and perspectives!