Partnering with Creators

Discover the brand-new online playbook "Partnering With Creators: A Campaigner’s Guide to Changemaking on Social Media", a comprehensive resource designed for marketers and social media professionals working in non-profits and NGOs to guide them through the process of working with content creators.

In an era where creators are the opinion leaders and entertainers for the Gen Z and Millennials of today, it's crucial for the social impact sector to harness their power effectively. This playbook combines the insights and expertise of strategists, campaigners, and creators who have already made a difference in the social impact space to maximize the impact of campaigns and avoid common pitfalls. 

Partnering With Creators playbook

Three main chapters


Clarify your campaign strategy

One needs to identify the ‘why’ for their campaign strategy to support systems change and for that, one needs to zoom out, assess, and look at the whole puzzle to know which pieces fit where.

As you break down your campaign steps throughout this playbook, you will see a handful of “checkpoints” to give your campaign a boost. This shift will help locate the campaign within the movement, tiering audiences and scaling its impact.


Refine your campaign essentials

In this section, you will learn to outline the talking points and understand how creators can support narrative expansion and delivery. Thus, further figuring out how to do creator curation.

Besides, this chapter will help you get clarity on the messaging points, identify the blindspots, find the right creators, select the appropriate platform for the campaign, and write the strongest campaign pitch to initiate a creative conversation for the creators.


Execute your creator campaign

The third chapter focuses on integrating the best practices in partnerships with creators, learning the different systems change roles content creators can play, and how it might drive the social progress map forward.

Also, it will help you know how to identify post-campaign steps for effectively wrap-up and continue your impact.

“The dominant system is an individualistic, scarcity model. Taking on systems change requires radical collaboration, deep interdependence, and transformative strategies.”

Sarah Shanley Hope
Managing Director at The Solutions Project
Sarah Shanley Hope

“Meaningful work happens when we leverage creator’s creativity, not just their platforms”

Lacy Wright
Executive Director of The Hillman Grad Foundation
Lacy Wright