What is the Ashoka Changemaker Summit? 🤔

The Ashoka Changemaker Summit is Ashoka’s largest global gathering of changemakers.

Every year, we bring together our global community of changemakers: social entrepreneurs, young changemakers, and leaders from business, government, and philanthropy to explore the most pressing issues of our time and together build a society in which everyone can contribute, participate, and actively engage in social change for the good of all.

This next Changemaker Summit will be held on September 5-7th 2024, in partnership with the City of Hamburg in Germany.

If you are under 25 years old and would like to join the Summit at no cost, please visit the Summit website for more information. 

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What is the Participation Collective Initiative? 🤟

In preparation for the Ashoka Changemaker Summit, Participation Collective  (Team Teilhabe in German) is taking shape - a group of young, committed people from Hamburg and the surrounding area who want to implement a positive vision and strong ideas: our future makers.

Until the Summit at the beginning of September 2024, these future makers will receive full support from Ashoka and MTS: they will be provided with experienced companions who will support them as personal mentors.

Through workshops, they receive valuable input and learn how to organize themselves and advance their projects together. They also have access to a network of enablers who open doors and create change in Hamburg.

Last but not least, the future makers of Participation Collective can freely organize an entire day of the Ashoka Changemaker Summit - and thus offer their topics a public platform.

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Take a Look at the Participation Collective Timeline 🗓️

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Who We Are:


*10-15 people from Hamburg under the age of 25*

The Ashoka Changemaker Summit will take place in Hamburg in 2024. In order to enable real participation, we are looking for a diverse, multidimensional group of young future makers - creative, hands-on, free-thinking, visionary people.

As a future maker, you have the opportunity to contribute your topics and make a difference in Hamburg. Every Future Maker is assigned a companion and the full support from Ashoka, MTS and a large network. As a group, you will learn methods and tools in workshops that you can use to organize yourselves and turn your visions into reality.

The goal: You can freely design an entire day of the Ashoka Changemaker Summit and give your topics a large, public platform whose impact will create real change in Hamburg.


*10-15 people from Hamburg with experience*

Your knowledge counts and your contribution is effective - as a companion, you will enable the future makers to make a difference in Hamburg. The future makers bring ideas and visions with them and need support from more experienced people who work in similar areas. As a mentor, you will come into contact with the next generation and at the same time benefit from the strong network that is forming around them. You support young people and shape the future together.

Each future maker is assigned a companion who acts as a mentor. Ideal companions are well connected, multidisciplinary and happy to share their knowledge and experience. They should be supportive without being controlling.


*20-30 people from Hamburg with a network*

As an enabler, you move Hamburg - your resources create impact and your strong network carries the young people who want to bring a breath of fresh air to the city. The future makers are ahead of their time and contribute visions and ideas that can inspire your network.

In order for our young future makers and their companions to have an impact in Hamburg, they need a network. That‘s why we are looking for enablers who are willing to open doors for them. Enablers are multi-sectoral and influential - but above all supportive and enabling.


Every collective needs some people behind the scenes, taking care of the collective. Here they are: