Ashoka Changemaker Summit 2024

September 5-7 > Hamburg, Germany

The Ashoka Changemaker Summit is Ashoka’s largest global gathering of changemakers.

Every year, we bring together our global community of changemakers: social entrepreneurs, young changemakers, and leaders from business, government, and philanthropy to explore the most pressing issues of our time and together build a society in which everyone can contribute, participate, and actively engage in social change for the good of all.

This next Changemaker Summit will be held on September 5-7th 2024, at Bucerius Law School, in partnership with the City of Hamburg in Germany. 

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Why Hamburg

The City of Hamburg is the perfect partner for the Ashoka Changemaker Summit 2024.

Over the past years, Hamburg has organized the needs of social entrepreneurs and the opportunities for social innovation into a citywide “Social Entrepreneurship Strategy”, backed by the government and over 100 organizations. 

Together with Ashoka, Hamburg and many other partners in the city are committed to the goal of True Participation.

In the months leading up to the Summit, Ashoka is co-organizing a program in Hamburg that brings together Ashoka Fellows, young changemakers and youth activists, government officials, philanthropists, and business leaders to explore how true participation can power positive change in the city.

The Summit will be held at the Bucerius Law School, near the emblematic Planten un Blomen park. 
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The Participation Collective: Young Changemakers in Hamburg

True Participation is not possible without young people's leadership. They are not just inhabitants of our cities, but the heartbeat that brings our society to life. 

The Participation Collective, launched by Ashoka and brought to life by MTS , is a dynamic platform for changemakers under 25. This initiative empowers them to shape our future, offering a year of support to amplify their voices and turn their ideas into action. It is about making young voices not only heard but followed.

What truly sets the Participation Collective apart is its vast network of supporters—mentors and allies who provide guidance, resources, and encouragement. Together, they are crafting an ecosystem of support, nurturing a fertile ground for innovation and social transformation. 

In the dynamic months leading up to the Ashoka Summit, it is these young changemakers who are taking the reins, co-piloting the agenda and strategy for True Participation in the vibrant city of Hamburg. 


ACMS Youth co-leadership


The Ashoka Changemaker Summit's agenda is a collaborative creation: every participant was invited to submit ideas and proposals, allowing them to articulate their unique perspectives on true participation.

The full schedule is available below, with the Summit's fundamental structure shown here.

Your ticket will give you access to the three-day Summit, including the complimentary True Participation Open Day we are hosting on Saturday. 




Press Center

If you would like to join the Summit, journalists and content creators have access for free to the full event.

In addition, we want to make sure you get the most out of the Changemaker Summit! This is why we will support all registered journalists to:

  • Free ticket to the Changemaker Summit
  • Meet powerful social innovators and other participants for interviews (or just for a chat!). These also include potential funders, if that's what you're interested in.
  • Schedule interviews, meetings, design your agenda...
  • Access a private room for filming and recording.
  • Attend a carefully designed workshop on digital impact campaigns for content creators.
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If you're passionate about social innovation, transformative systems change, and participation, look no further – this Summit is for you! Immerse yourself in the community of some of the world's most impactful changemakers and join our collective pursuit of positive transformation.

If you are an Ashoka Fellow, a member of the Ashoka Support Network, an Ashoka Young Changemaker, or affiliated with a company engaged in an active partnership with Ashoka, we encourage you to connect with your nearest Ashoka Staff contact to secure a discounted ticket.

Reach out to your Ashoka Staff contact!

If you are under 25 years old and would like to join the Summit at no cost, please take a moment to complete this form before May 1st. Share with us how your participation in the Summit will contribute to the positive change you aim to make in the world. We look forward to hearing your story!

Participation Playbook

To increase our social cohesion and quality of life, everyone needs to be able to participate in the good of all. In this section, you can connect with stories of people who are affected by problems and injustices but are also part of the solution. Through their experience, they've learned that they have the capacity to drive change for good.  

Check out these #TrueParticipation stories to get inspired:
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Our way to College




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Yeşil Çember’de gönüllü olmam sadece doğayı korumamı değil, aynı zamanda Almanlara olan ön yargılarımı kırmamı sağladı

Column 7

Our way to freshen my mind

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Our way to cooperating with students

Pre-Summit Hamburg Program

Check out upcoming opportunities to connect and get involved in the lead-up to the summit!


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